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Digital Entertainment Business

Creating New User Experiences

For more than five decades, KONAMI has offered unique new game content and user experiences in its Digital Entertainment Business by responding to changing customer needs.
Starting with the manufacturing and sales of amusement machines (arcade games) in the early 1970s, we began developing video games in the 1980s and from 2010s we were among the first to develop and distribute mobile games.
In recent years, as various devices such as mobile and game consoles become more sophisticated, and the provision of entertainment through network has spread rapidly, we have been proposing ways to play games that match the characteristics of each device. In addition, we are promoting cross-platform development so that our titles can be enjoyed across a variety of devices.
Furthermore, as a leading company in esports, where games are viewed as competition, we have been focusing on esports initiatives from the early stage and are working to create new user experiences.
We will continue to take on challenges of the latest innovation by utilizing new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI,) fifth and sixth generation mobile communications (5G/6G,) virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR,) non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the metaverse.

Mobile Game
Console Game
"Yu-Gi-Oh! MASTER DUEL" Mobile & Console Game
Card Game
"eFootball™ 2024" Mobile & Console Game
"Momotaro Dentetsu:
Showa, Heisei, Reiwa
mo Teiban!"
Console Game
"Tokimeki Memorial
Girl's Side 4th Heart"
Console Game
"SUPER BOMBERMAN R 2" Console Game

Focusing on Further Expansion
and Stimulation of esports

KONAMI has held esports tournaments utilizing its various game contents including World Championships for eFootball™ series since 2001, World Championships for Yu-Gi-Oh! series since 2003 and Japan Championships for PAWAFURU PUROYAKYU series since 2016.
At Konami Creative Center Ginza, where the esports GINZA school fosters human resources capable of playing an active role in the world of esports and the esports GINZA studio maintains the ability to distribute esports, we engage in initiatives to further expand and stimulate esports.

The 2022 season of
"Prospi A (Ace) Championship"
January - March 2023 Esports event to decide the best player amongst all the users of the mobile game "PROFESSIONAL BASEBALL SPIRITS A (Ace)."
Real-time battle mode is used for this slugfest one-on-one battle.
The 2022 season of
"eBASEBALL Prospi A (Ace) League"
November - December 2022 A professional baseball esports league using the mobile game "PROFESSIONAL BASEBALL SPIRITS A (Ace)" as the competition title.
Players representing the 12 NPB teams compete in the Central League and Pacific League to determine the number one team in Japan.
The event was jointly organized by Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) and Konami Digital Entertainment.
"PAWAPURO APP CHAMPIONSHIPS 2022" July 2022 - January 2023 Esports event to decide the best "JIKKYOU PAWAFURU PUROYAKYU" player.
The ♯1 player is decided using Success mode and Baseball mode.
"eFootball™ Championship
Open/Pro 2023"
Open: January - July 2023 / Pro: February - May 2023 The official esports tournament for "eFootball™ 2023" composing of "eFootball™ Championship Pro 2023," participated by professional esports players contracted with European professional football clubs, and "eFootball™ Championship Open 2023," available for everyone.
"eJ.LEAGUE eFootball 2022 Season" September - November 2022 An inter-club competition amongst all 40 J1 and J2 club representing players using eFootball™ series.
The event was jointly organized by Japan Professional Football League (J.LEAGUE) and Konami Digital Entertainment.
"Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2023" March - August 2023 The competition originates from the world championship for "Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME" held in 2003. After adding on "Yu-Gi-Oh! DUEL LINKS" in 2017, 2023's event took place with 3 titles including "Yu-Gi-Oh! MASTER DUEL."
Events for 2020-2022 were postponed with the outbreak of the new coronavirus and recent global situation, but the 2023 event was held for the first time in 4 years.

Developing Content Using Latest Technology

KONAMI has developed an array of content by incorporating cutting-edge technology.
eFootball™ series uses 3D full-body scans of players and high-precision 3D scans of existing stadiums. The development and implementation of a proprietary soccer game engine has enabled recreation of artistic foot works by players and graphics.
The PROFESSIONAL BASEBALL SPIRITS series also uses 3D scanning technology to capture the likeness of all the players in the 12 teams from 360 degrees for high graphical fidelity of their facial details and playing forms.
In addition, each player has its own AI based on seasonal statistics, adding to the authentic feel of the game.
We make ongoing efforts to create "New User Experiences" by employing an array of the latest technologies including VR support for PAWAFURU PUROYAKYU series and AR duels at the "Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME" world championship.

Developing High-Profile
Titles in Japan and Overseas

KONAMI has a multitude of high-profile titles both in Japan and overseas, such as eFootball™ (formerly known as "PES" or "Winning Eleven"), METAL GEAR and PAWAFURU PUROYAKYU series, which have respectively sold or downloaded over 700 million, 60.2 million and 25.0 million copies worldwide.
We have proactively promoted the production and distribution of games for mobile devices and gaming platforms bringing excitement to customers worldwide.

Console Game
Title Name Launched Total Cumulative Sales (million)
July 1987 60.2
March 1994 25.0
(Note) as of the end of September 2023
Mobile Games
Title Name Launched Total Cumulative Downloads (million)
JIKKYOU PAWAFURU PUROYAKYU December 2014 49 (as of May 2023)
PROFESSIONAL BASEBALL SPIRITS A (Ace) October 2015 40 (as of February 2023)
Console & Mobile Game
Title Name Launched Total Cumulative Sales
& Total Cumulative Downloads (million)
eFootball™ series July 1995 700 (as of March 2023)
※Breakdown:Console 100
Mobile 600
Yu-Gi-Oh! DUEL LINKS November 2016 150 (as of March 2022)
Yu-Gi-Oh! MASTER DUEL January 2021 57.3 (as of August 2023)

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Global Development

We create unique content in Japan, North America,
Europe and Asia, and distribute it in various regions
by transcending national borders.


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