Corporate Governance

Basic Views

Konami Group's corporate goal is to be an enterprise that keeps our stakeholders always looking forward with anticipation as we create and provide our current and future customers with products and services that offer "Valuable Time." Our fundamental management policy is maintaining a shareholder-focused approach, and sound relationship with involved stakeholders and contributing to the development of a sustainable society as a good corporate citizen.

In order to realize open and transparent management, which is essential for holding fast to these fundamental management policies, we promote the management that keeps in mind at all times enhancement of the corporate governance system.

Corporate Governance Overview

Corporate Governance Overview

The Company's Board of Directors consists of eight members, including three Outside Directors serving on the Audit & Supervisory Committee who have been designated as Independent Officers as provided for in the regulations of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The Company deems that the three Outside Directors who are also deemed Independent Officers do not pose potential for conflict of interest with general shareholders. As such, they are capable of making appropriate judgments with respect to making decisions on important matters in the Board of Directors, in conjunction with the other five Directors.
Meanwhile, the Company's Audit & Supervisory Committee, consisting of three Outside Directors who are Audit & Supervisory Committee Members, conduct systematic auditing and supervision through the use of internal control systems.

Moreover, the Company has established the Compliance Committee, the Risk Management Committee, and the CSR Committee. The Compliance Committee acts as a body that strives to ensure thorough legal and regulatory compliance across all of the Company's activities and accordingly implements the Konami Group's compliance controls. The Risk Management Committee acts as a body that centrally identifies and appropriately addresses risks that could potentially have a material impact on the Company and the Konami Group. The CSR Committee acts as a body that actively promotes corporate social responsibility initiatives through the Company's core businesses, leveraging strengths of the Konami Group.

Corporate Governance Report