Corporate Governance

Fundamental Approach

We, the Konami Group, aim to be an enterprise that will continue to keep our stakeholders always looking forward with anticipation as we create and provide our current and future customers with products and services that offer "Valuable Time". Furthermore, our basic management policy is to "keep the basic attitude to value shareholders," "maintain sound relationships with all stakeholders, including our shareholders, and contribute to society as a good corporate citizen."
We believe that open and transparent management is fundamental to ensuring the integrity of this basic philosophy. That is why robust corporate governance has been a priority of our management.

Corporate Governance Overview

Corporate Governance Overview

From early on, Konami Group has undertaken efforts to reform its board of directors, including welcoming our first outside director in 1992, in order to ensure the openness and transparency of our management. At present, three of our nine directors are outside directors, while four of our five audit & supervisory board members are outside audit & supervisory board members. Each of these outside officers brings a wealth of experience and accomplishment, as well as broad knowledge and understanding. In our estimation, these are highly independent directors and audit & supervisory board members who are free from conflicts of interest with general shareholders and who actively express their views on the Board of Directors.

With respect to audit & supervisory board members and our system of auditing, our Audit & Supervisory Board consists of five audit & supervisory board members, including four outside audit & supervisory board members and two full-time audit & supervisory board members.Each Audit & Supervisory Board Member conducts strict audits on the Directors' performance of their duties, by attending the Board of Directors meetings and interviewing with executives.