Corporate Philosophy

We, the Konami Group, aim to be an enterprise that will continue to keep our stakeholders always looking forward with anticipation as we create and provide our current and future customers with products and services that offer "Valuable Time".

Konami Group : The Guiding Principles in The Realization of Our Corporate Goal

Our "Customer-Oriented" policy means that the customer comes first.

We will maximize our customers' satisfaction by providing them with the highest level of products and services.

Our Challenge
Our Challenge is to boldly seek to archive goals without worrying about failure.

We will challenge every day to make creation and innovation in order to provide our customers with dreams and excitement which have never before been experienced.

Response to Change
We need to be aware of change occurring in our times.

Times are changing. Our customers' needs are also changing daily. We need to remain sensitive to the changes in our times and respond flexibly to them.

Our action should be taken with dignity and consciousness.

Complying with laws and ethics is the first step in gaining the trust of our stakeholders. Recognizing that even a tiny error may have an adverse effect on our group, we will strive to conduct our business faithfully.