Standard Player List Issue
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We discovered an issue in the Standard Player List that happened between 08/17/2023 and 08/28/2023. Specifically, the player Rémi Cabral was mistakenly made available for signing, although permission for his inclusion in the game had not been granted by the MLS Players Association (MLSPA).

The concerned player has since been removed from the Standard Player List during the 08/28/2023 maintenance, and he is no longer available for signing.

On another note, although the v3.0.0 Carryover Details Page states that "all players you have signed after the 07/13/2023 Live Update will be carried over to v3.0.0.", we would like to clarify that the concerned player is not subject to be carried over.

Players Eligible for Carryover

As compensation for this issue, we have sent 10,000 GP to all users that have signed the player.

We apologize for any inconveniences caused.

Players Eligible for Carryover