[Update] New Update (v3.0.0) Available (1/6)
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Posted on 09/14/2023

An item has been added to "■ Feature Addition and Changes" section.

Posted on 09/06/2023

A new update (v3.0.0) is now available.

More information is provided below.

■ Regarding Changes to the "Sharp Touch" Command

Previously, performing a Dash Dribble would sometimes unintentionally trigger the Sharp Touch command. For this reason, the default Sharp Touch command has been changed to "pressing Dash twice".

To revert to the original settings, go to [Command Configuration] > [Advanced Settings] > [Sharp Touch Type] and select "pressing once".

■ Feature Addition and Changes

・ Changed the algorithm that calculates the player's Overall Rating shown on the Game Plan screen. Note that this just affects how the Overall Rating is calculated in the Game Plan, so the player's abilities are not affected in any way. (Added on 09/14/2023)

・ From v3.0.0 onwards, "Team Playstyle Level" will no longer be a gameplay element. As such, players will no longer have "Team Playstyle Proficiency", and their Abilities will no longer be increased or decreased according to the Team Playstyle of choice.

・ Previously, certain Standard players would have had a different player image once they reached Max Level. This feature will no longer be a gameplay element, and changes to player images will no longer occur. Users who possess max level Player Cards with a different image will see the image being reverted back to the status at the timing of signing.

・ Foil Player Cards, which could be signed from the Standard Player List at a low probability, are no longer available.

・ In the pre-match [Game Plan] > [Player Details] screen, Condition-related increases/decreases of Player Stats are no longer displayed.

・ Challenge Events with Event Conditions have been renamed as "Themed Events". Also, Event-exclusive "Loan Players" have been made available so that users can immediately participate in Themed Events even if they do not have enough players that match the Event Conditions.

・ The "Rainy" and "Snow" Weather options have been made available for certain stadiums.

・ "Base Team Settings" is now placed in the Game Plan, rather than the User Information.

・ Base Teams can now be set for each Game Plan.

・ Level Training and Player Progression can now be performed from the Player Details screen in Game Plan.

・ Updated selectable Authentic Teams in "Trial Match"/"Friend Match".

■ Updates and Additions

・ In-game assets and other data carryover process will be conducted when accessing the game for the first time after installing the version update.

・ Updated licenses.

・ The country name of Czechia has been changed in some languages.

・ 6 Stadiums have been added to the game: Johan Cruijff ArenA, Estadio do Escorpião, Estadio del Nuevo Triunfo, Stadio Orione, Estadio del Martingal, and Sports Park.

The following data has also been updated:

・ Team data

・ Player photos, graphics, and data

・ Manager photos and data

・ Uniforms

・ Cleats

・ Balls

・ Goalkeeper's Gloves

・ Club emblems

・ League and competition emblems

・ Stadium graphics

・ Spectators

・ Trophies

・ Media backdrops

・ Field-side advertising boards

・ Corner flags

・ Cinematics and animations

・ Commentary

・ Menu music

・ Avatar images