New Update (v3.0.0) Available(5/6)

A new update (v3.0.0) is now available.

More information is provided below.

・ Implemented adjustments to increase the frequency of substitutions for AI-controlled teams. This adjustment also increases the frequency of substitutions for when [Substitutions] is set to anything other than "OFF" in Automatic Match Support.

・ Implemented adjustments to the AI in VS AI matches so that players will make more appropriate decisions and perform actions with respect to their individual characteristics. The difficulty balance for each Match Level has also been adjusted.

〇 Controls

・ Implemented adjustments so that during set pieces, the "Call for the Ball" command under "Off-the-ball Controls" will no longer be operable after the kicker has commenced the kicking motion.

・ To avoid unintended triggering of Sharp Touch, the default Sharp Touch command has been changed to "pressing Dash twice". The original settings can be configured by going to [Command Configuration] > [Advanced Settings].

・ To address a known issue, Off the Ball Controls are no longer available in Co-op.

〇 Fouls

・ Implemented adjustments for fairer foul decisions with regard to the circumstances.

・ Implemented adjustments to avoid calling an offside foul even if there is a player involved in an offside position, in the case where the defending players are likely to retain possession.

〇 Other Gameplay Enhancements

・ Implemented adjustments so that the cursor will switch to a more appropriate player in defensive situations.

・ Implemented adjustments to the consumption of Stamina, as previously midfielders with high Stamina Player Stat would sometimes run out of Stamina midway through the second half.

・ Fixed an issue where the Direction Guide arrow would sometimes be different than the directional input when performing a kick.

・ Fixed the issue where the match will not end at the appropriate timing even after the approximated additional time has passed.

・ Implemented adjustments to how a player's Form affect his Conditions. Precisely, players with "Normal" or "Inconsistent" Form are less likely to have a Condition that is "Bad" or lower. Furthermore, when players with "Inconsistent" Form have a "B" or higher Live Update Rating, their Conditions will be set to "Normal" or above.

・ A variety of new animations have been added for shooting, blocking, and tackling, etc.

■ Global Improvements

・ The PlayStation™Network Invite function is now available.

・ The game's package size has been reduced for PS4.

・ Implemented adjustments to the acoustics of stadium announcements.

・ A variety of minor adjustments have been made to each mode and to matches with the aim of improving the overall gaming experience.