New Update (v3.0.0) Available (5/6)
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A new update (v3.0.0) is now available.
More information is provided below.

〇 Controls
・ During free kicks, Position Shift commands are now available after changing the camera angle.
・ Fixed the issue where, after changing the camera angle during goal kicks, performing a Fly-Through Pass command would see a Low Through Ball being played instead.
・ To alleviate the issue of unintentional sliding tackles, adjustments have been implemented so that players will not attempt a sliding tackle if the ball is too high or too far.

〇 Other Gameplay Enhancements
・ Implemented adjustments so that the cursor will switch to a more appropriate player in defensive situations.
・ Implemented adjustments to the consumption of Stamina, as previously midfielders with high Stamina Player Stat would sometimes run out of Stamina midway through the second half.
・ Fixed the issue where the match will not end at the appropriate timing even after the approximated additional time has passed.
・ Implemented adjustments to how a player's Form affect his Conditions. Precisely, players with "Normal" or "Inconsistent" Form are less likely to have a Condition that is "Bad" or lower. Furthermore, when players with "Inconsistent" Form have a "B" or higher Live Update Rating, their Conditions will be set to "Normal" or above.
・ A variety of new animations have been added for shooting, blocking, and tackling, etc.

■ Global Improvements
・ The size of the application has been reduced.
・ Implemented adjustments to the acoustics of stadium announcements.
・ Picture quality has been improved for the "High" Graphics option.
・ A variety of minor adjustments have been made to each mode and to matches with the aim of improving the overall gaming experience.