Tax Strategy

In accordance with Part 2 Schedule 19 Finance Act 2016, Konami Digital Entertainment BV, as a UK resident subsidiary of KONAMI GROUP CORPORATION, is required to publish its tax strategy.

Risk Management and Governance Arrangement

Day-to-day management and implementation of our tax strategy is delegated by the senior management of Konami Digital Entertainment BV to our internal tax team. The internal tax team assesses, mitigates and manages risks. The senior management of Konami Digital Entertainment BV provides leadership and oversight, in respect of all business strategies, including tax.
Our internal finance and tax teams have established processes compliant with HMRC tax requirements. Tax risks are mitigated by both our internal and external processes and procedures, to ensure the accuracy of our tax data and tax compliance.

Tax planning

Tax planning is not conducted in isolation, it forms a part of the normal commercial decision making process. The main priority for the company is to ensure that the company is compliant with local tax legislation. Where necessary external professional advice will be sought on transactions where our internal tax resources do not have the necessary expertise. The Company will utilise tax reliefs where offered by the Government and to which it is fully entitled but will not consider aggressive tax positions that seek to gain a tax advantage with no commercial basis. Secrecy jurisdictions or so-called “tax havens” are not used for tax avoidance.

Tax risk

The senior management of Konami Digital Entertainment BV is conscious of the company’s reputation and will not accept tax risks that could potentially damage that reputation. Hence, Konami’s attitude to risk can be described as conservative, in that it aims to minimise the level of risk in relation to UK taxation.

Relationship with Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC)

Konami Digital Entertainment BV seeks an open, honest, transparent and cooperative relationship with HMRC, the aim being to engender trust and a good working relationship between the parties.
Hence, Konami Digital Entertainment BV rightfully follows HMRC tax requirements regarding its tax structure, collection mechanism.
In the event of disagreements, our aim would be to resolve these quickly through open and constructive discussions.

COUNTRY / REGION Europe (English)