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PES 2019 - The Power of Football

Game Description:

‘The Power Of Football’ is the key message that feeds into all the new features coming to PES 2019, which in part is thanks to the commitment in releasing exclusively on current generation hardware. This allows PES to recreate the real sport of football like never before, supporting 4K HDR across all platforms offering photo realistic visuals and lifelike player movement. The true power of PES is seen in its gameplay, which focuses on the impact of player individuality through specific stats and motions. Playing PES 2019 will give you the finishing prowess of Luis Suárez, the unique dribbling ability of Philippe Coutinho and accurate passing of iconic legend David Beckham.

Away from the pitch, licenses and game modes will see big changes, including in-game menus that come alive to new leagues added from all over the world. This adds new found depth to the newly redesigned myClub and Master League modes, which will give fans a deeper experience beyond the awarding winning gameplay. With a host of new Legends added to the in-game line-up, a dedicated David Beckham Edition and launching in August worldwide, PES fans can experience the Power Of Football earlier than ever before.


AUTHENTIC LEAGUES & PARTNERSHIPS – This year PES 2019 welcomes 7 new leagues with more to announce, and an abundance of new partnerships and stadiums. It’s a global effort, with leagues from countries such as Belgium, Scotland and Argentina, as well as Russian Premier Liga added exclusively. This takes the game to 400+ teams (with squad sizes increased to 40 players), over 10,000 players and 40+ stadiums – that includes Camp Nou and Allianz Parque exclusively. All leagues have been given that time and attention, with unique presentation added.

MAGIC MOMENTS – Player individuality is a trademark of the series, and is further enhanced with 11 new skill traits, which sees players known for skills, positional play and shooting style stand out from the rest. This allows gameplay as always take center stage, enabling users to create magical moments on the pitch. Choose to take the direct approach to goal, by dazzling your opponents with the refined dribbling and first touch control. Once there, experience the new shooting mechanics that offers much more variety in shot type and result. If you manage to hit the back of the net, you’ll be greeted with brand new net physics, as well as new ways to celebrate – which includes new teammate interactions! Finding that space to attack is made possible with Visible Fatigue, where stamina impacts both performance and behavior. Players will give visual signs they are suffering with fatigue, ushering for a substitution, or simply not having enough energy to get back into position. This creates a realistic shift of pace as the game goes on, encouraging users to create a unique game plan for each match – which now sees fewer interruptions thanks to the introduction of quick substitutions.

THE BEAUTIFUL GAME – Experience visuals that genuinely ask the question if it’s real or a video game, thanks to the commitment in developing exclusively for current generation systems. PES 2019 will launch with support for 4K and HDR across all platforms, with dynamic resolution integrated for consistent high detail in any viewpoint. ‘Enlighten’ software has been incorporated this year which gives a true to life visual effect, with real time ‘Global Illumination’ lighting and shadows that bring the grass, fans, stadium and weather effects to life – which includes the return of snow. The illusion is further enhanced thanks to the seamless animation flow, which not only factors variety and unpredictably, it will also show clear improvements in player interactions such as shielding and physical impact.

NEW MYCLUB – myClub has been given a complete overhaul! Almost everything has been redone, including a complete change in how players are acquired. Player packs will now be introduced for the first time replacing the spinning balls – a much requested feature from the fans. These new player packs will allow more players to be obtained from each pack opening. Another important change is the introduction of High Performance Players. Special versions of players will be released regularly throughout the year and will include Legend Players alongside ‘Players Of The Week’ – the latter will offer boosted stats for a limited period for those players who have performed well on a match day. Add in various player card designs based on rarity, daily challenges and unique implementation into PES League, myClub for PES 2019 will be a completely new game mode!

ML - REAL SEASON – Master League embarks on a 3-year journey to recreate the real life managerial experience in PES. For year 1 changes are substantial, with 3 pillars for PES 2019 – ICC, Transfer Negotiations and New League Licenses. The start incorporates the official license of the International Champions Cup (ICC), the largest pre-season club tournament in the world. Before the season starts users will be able to compete in this tournament, which allows you to find your best 11, determine your strategy and finalise your tactics for the new campaign. During pre-season you’ll also be able to experience the new transfer system, which gives users more options when signing players, improving the realism of which players leave and their value if they do. Thanks to the huge addition of new leagues, that roster of available players to sign has increased considerably. The experience is as authentic as possible too, with all league regulations being implemented, such as the Split System from the Scottish Premiership.

LIVING MENUS –PES 2019 will also feature menus that now update dynamically bringing fans the latest news about PES from the game itself. The new modern look is built around motion bringing the menus to life, as well as giving fans exclusive offers, including the benefit of discounts for future titles.


  • More licensed leagues featured compared to PES 2018 – information coming throughout July and August
  • More licensed teams and players compared to PES 2018 – including 40 players per squad
  • More licensed stadiums compared to PES 2018
  • New HUD design based on featured licensed leagues

  • Player individuality taken to the next level, where skills and player strengths are more prominent in gameplay and motion. Introduction of 11 new skill traits which help enhance player uniqueness, such as no look pass, PK taker and dipping/rising shot
  • Visible Fatigue – Players will give visual signs when they are suffering from fatigue, or simply not having enough energy to get back into position. Playing tired players will result in injury
  • Quick subs available when the ball goes out of play, with pre-set recommended changes also available
  • Dribbling animation and fluidity now based on variety of factors, such as player positioning, distance from the ball, and proximity of the opposition
  • New shooting mechanics including unique animation based on player and ball position, as well as balancing of ball speed based on player skill and shooting situation
  • Reworked goal nets, with the whole net reacting on impact rather than just scoring area

  • Current Gen Only - 4K HDR across all platforms
  • Enlighten software using Global Illumination creating photo realism
  • Dynamic resolution integration allowing for constant high detail in gameplay camera
  • Real grass textures implementation
  • Snow weather effect added
  • Crowd detail improvement
  • Enhanced animation flow and variety across all player motions

  • New player card design (Football cards style)
  • Player purchase method addition: Player Packs – 3 players per pack alongside single pack option
  • High Performance Players - POTW (Player Of The Week), Legends, Special Edition cards

  • ICC Pre-season featuring unique single-player experience
  • Real transfers
  • New negotiation system
  • Living Menus implementation (videos in ML)

  • New presentation across all modes
  • Live video feature, updated with new content coming to PES
  • Receive exclusive discount offers on forthcoming products
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COUNTRY / REGION Europe (English)