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Being dead is not so bad when you can live in the Underworld

Being dead is not so bad when you can live in the Underworld; a magical and expansive world inhabited by quirky, charming, and sometimes deadly inhabitants of the afterlife. The Underworld also includes Aftervale, a happy hub where the dead spend eternity and begin to come to terms with their time alive through a Remembrance. 


Skelattack turns the platforming hero stereotype on its head by putting players in the shoes of Skully, a skeleton fighting to protect his home. As a member of the newly deceased and just getting the hang of being dead, Skully’s newfound home and friends are attacked by humans. Instead of seeking gold or other treasure, the humans kidnap Aftervale's elder skeleton, Elzedon, and attempt to steal the magic that kindles the spirits of the dead - the Blue Flame. Together with Imber, Skully’s trusty bat friend, players will jump, slash, and flap their way through the Underworld in an attempt to stop the human threat, save the Elder, and protect the Blue Flame.



Key Game Features:


  • Discover six unique environments filled with a deadly charming art style, complete with colorful, hand-drawn environments and characters
  • Original role-reversal approach to a dungeon crawler with deep narrative
    1. Fight the Humans before they plunder your un-life
    2. Meet a unique cast of happy creatures and make friends along the way
  • Wide variety of platforming obstacles and puzzles brings danger at every turn
  • Engage in action and adventure with two main characters: Skully and Imber
  • Take part in a versatile, fun, and fluid platforming experience for all skill levels with challenges for even the most seasoned gamers
  • Explore each environment at your leisure to uncover its vast secrets, or challenge yourself to speed run
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COUNTRY / REGION Europe (English)