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Kimihiko Higashio Representative Director, President KONAMI HOLDINGS CORPORATION

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our shareholders and hope this message finds you in good health and spirit.

Since its founding in 1969, the Konami Group has always had a pioneering spirit and the foresight to understand the world's needs. By keeping abreast of the changing trends and technology, it has continuously captured the era's crest of the wave.

As we move into the future, our business fields will continue to expand with the advancement of electronics such as mobile devices and home game consoles, as well as with the emergence of new distribution platforms that utilize cloud technology. What's more, with the evolution of technologies such as AI, 5G and NFTs (non-fungible tokens), as well as the increasing recognition of esports as a sporting event, we expect the market to be revitalized by inventive new ways to enjoy games. In addition, the growing trend towards digitalization and online consumption has led to the expansion of subscription-based businesses, creating an environment for improved profitability and robust business results.

In the field of sports, extending healthy life expectancy in the aging society has become ever more important. Furthermore, a new need arose for taking online classes at home in the face of growing health concerns about insufficient exercise due to people refraining from going out and teleworking with interest to sports as a society in whole at a rise.

In such an environment, Konami Group providing products and services in the fields of Entertainment and Sports, now has more opportunities than ever to grow its business in an expanding market.

We believe it is important to return profits to our shareholders through stable, high dividends and increased corporate value. The consolidated dividend payout ratio is expected to be at least 30%, and we will continue to strive to raise the level of dividends by improving our business performance through strategic investment in human resources and new technologies that will be essential for growth.

In addition, for long-term growth coincide with the development with the society, management's perspective consciousness of SDGs and ESGs is essential. To further enhance corporate governance, we transitioned from a Company with an Audit & Supervisory Board to a Company with an Audit & Supervisory Committee in June 2021. By working together with our stakeholders to achieve both business growth and a sustainable society, Konami Group aims to be an enterprise that is always expected and needed by the society.

We humbly ask for continued support as we work toward these goals.

Kimihiko Higashio
Representative Director, President