Kozuki Foundation

Kozuki Foundation

Kozuki Foundation was first established in 1982 under the name of the Kozuki Foundation for Education. Over the past 40 years, the foundation has been engaged in various projects aimed at promoting the public interest and creating a better society through promotion and development of sports, education and culture.
The foundation is committed to making a greater social contribution while seeking to offer programs that meet the needs of the times.

  • The foundation was established by Kagemasa Kozuki, founder and current Chairman of KONAMI GROUP CORPORATION.
  • The foundation is a major shareholder of KONAMI GROUP CORPORATION, and maintains its operations through share dividends.
Kozuki Foundation


[Support Sports Athletes]

We provide support for promising athletes and instructors representing Japan, with the goal of improving their competitive ability and creating an environment where they can focus on sports activities.

[Kozuki Sports Award]

We present awards to athletes and instructors supported by the foundation, who have achieved outstanding results in Olympic Games, World Championships, or other equivalent athletic meetings.

[Subsidy for Sports related Organizations and Games]

We provide subsidies for international/nationwide tournaments and athletic meetings held by sports-related organizations.

"Athlete Support Program" Certification Ceremony/
"Kozuki Sports Award" Presentation Ceremony (September 7, 2023)

Education & Culture

[Subsidy to Creators]

We provide subsidies to persons aged around 15 to 25 who set their sights on becoming a creator (digital artists, illustrators, cartoonists and the like).

[Subsidy for Promotion of Educational, Cultural and Social Support related Activities]

We provide subsidies to organizations that contribute to the promotion and development of education and culture; and supports projects aimed at promoting the public interest and creating a better society.

"Subsidy Program for Creators" Selection Process (July 26, 2023)