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Konami Group aims to be an enterprise needed by the society by contributing to the development of a sustainable society through initiatives associated with its business areas.

Kimihiko Higashio Representative Director, President KONAMI GROUP CORPORATION

I would like to express our sincere gratitude to our stakeholders.

Since SDGs were adopted at the United Nations Summit in 2015, awareness of social issues and environmental issues has increased around the world, with initiatives to build a sustainable society emerging in multiple fields. Corporations too must raise their consciousness about social and environmental issues to grow in line with the society in the long run.

SDGs refer to an international goal for 2030 laid out in the "2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development" that aims for a sustainable and better world. It consists of 17 goals and 169 targets pledging to "leave no one behind." Konami Group has implemented various initiatives in its businesses to contribute to the achievement of SDGs.

Countermeasures for global warming has also become a common and long-term global issue, with 120 countries and regions setting carbon neutrality as a goal for 2050. Konami Group has responded to the increasing demand for corporations to disclose non-financial information on climate change by releasing information in line with TCFD's recommendations. We will strengthen our efforts to realize a carbon neutral and decarbonized society to create a sustainable society in which future generations can live with peace of mind.

In order to promote these activities throughout the Group, we are also strengthening our organization. Specifically, the existing CSR Committee has been evolved to Sustainability Committee as of October 2021. The committee will handle various themes related to the sustainability of Konami Group and formulate effective measures.

We believe that the health of our employees is essential for the sustainable development of Konami Group. With this, we are strengthening our "Health and Productivity Management" initiatives with the aim of creating an environment where each and every employee can achieve their full potential and grow alongside the company.

As a result, we have been listed on the "White 500 List" jointly complied by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Nippon KenkoKaigi for seven consecutive years since 2017 for being a company that practices excellent health and productivity management in cooperation with insurers. Going forward, we will continue to improve the working environment and systems for our employees to work efficiently and encourage activities aimed at achieving even greater results.

In line with our Corporate Philosophy, we aim to be an enterprise that will continue to keep our stakeholders always looking forward with anticipation as we create and provide our current and future customers with products and services that offer "Valuable Time" and contribute to achieving SDGs through our four business areas; Digital Entertainment, Amusement, Gaming & Systems, and Sports.

We look forward to your patronage and humbly ask for your continued support going forward.

Kimihiko Higashio
Representative Director, President